TWIST Exclusive: Cher Lloyd and Austin Mahone spill to TWIST at InTune + Austin gives us deets on his new album!


OMG! Last night TWIST got to chat with Austin Mahone and Cher Lloyd at the InTune Concert at Hard Rock Cafe in New York City! Austin shared deets about his new album with us! "My album's coming out in November. It has upbeat songs, some dance songs, some slower ballads, and I just wrote a song that's if a girl's ever feeling sad, she can come right into my arms." During the concert, he pulled three Mahomies onto the stage and sang to them. One he gave a hug, one a kiss on the cheek, and one his hat! So cute! TWIST also caught up with Cher, who confessed, "Some fans are more confident and some prefer to sit back. Sometimes the people who sit back, I approach them first, because I remember being in a position where I didn't have much confidence and I used to stay back. I'd like to be able to give them a bit of a confidence boost!" Check out more photos and video from the InTune concert below!

Cher sang "With Ur Love," "Superhero," "Want U Back" and more!

Austin at sound check before the concert!

Aaron Carter introduced Tiffany Giardina!

Tiffany sings in the movie Barbie: The Princess and the Popstar!

How excited are you for Austin's new album? For Cher's birthday treat and your own copy of the mega poster that Austin's holding, pick up the October/November double issue of TWIST, on stands Monday!

Cheers, Jen

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