TWIST Exclusive: Behind the Scenes of Our Cody Simpson Photo Shoot!


Hey TWIST readers,

We've been having such a blast hanging with Cody Simpson - we had an awesome photo shoot with Cody at Chelsea Daylight Studio in NYC! In addition to taking some super hot pictures with our awesome photographer Karl Mattson, Cody also spilled more about his upcoming mixtape, Preview to Paradise! He spilled, "I really just want everyone's opinion on the music. I'm putting a lot of different styles into one four- or five-song CD. I want everyone's opinion on what they like best. I just encourage everyone to tweet me and Facebook me and everything to tell me what they think." We can't wait to hear it! Click "Read more" for more exclusive behind-the-scenes pics from our shoot with Cody, and be sure to check out our video from the shoot below!

Check It Out: TWIST hangs with Cody!

What do you think of our behind-the-scenes pics? Are you excited for Cody's mixtape? Tell us in the comments! For a backstage look at Cody's tour, pick up the April/May double issue of TWIST, out now!

With love, Krista

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