TWIST Exclsive: TWIST Chats With Ayla Kell!


We just finished chatting with Ayla Kell, who plays super talented gymnast Payson Keeler on ABC Family's Make It Or Break It! Ayla dished to us about what it's like to say goodbye to the Make It Or Break It cast, what happens to Payson and Rigo in the series finale, and secrets about Josie Loren and Cassie Scerbo that no one else knows!


TWIST: So here at TWIST, we heard about the show and we are really sad to see it end! How do you feel now that Make It Or Break It is over? Ayla Kell: It's really sad because we wanted to see the girls go to Gold and we wanted to see them achieve their Olympic dreams. To see it fall short of that is disappointing, but there are a lot of petitions going and petitions worked for other shows like Greek, so we are hoping our fans are really vocal about how they want to see more of it and hopefully that makes it so we are able to have the girls work out their dreams!

T: Can you tell us about the finale? AK: Yeah. We showed which of the girls made it to the Olympic team to go to the Olympics, but we don't show the Olympics. We've been working so long for those dreams that we were hoping to be able to at least live it out to the whole center point of our storyline.

T: Can you tell us what wound up happening to Payson and Rigo? AK: Payson and Rigo continued to build their relationship. Obviously it' was getting stronger and stronger, but it really started to change her gymnastics because she starts to see herself in a different way and trust her body more. It's through him pushing her and helping her to see a different side of herself that she's able to bring a different element to her gymnastics that really made it so her coach didn't think she was safe.

T: What was it like to work with Cassie and Josie? AK: Oh, those girls are the best! Cassie and I had really intertwined feelings this year. We got really dependent on each other like sisters. It was one of those things where we hadn't had a chance to work with each other like that yet. Their feelings for each other, like when we would do that crying scene on the porch. That was one of the easiest scenes even though it was one of the hardest scenes.

T: So will you miss them? AK: Aww yeah! Of course! It's not like I won't see them, but I'll miss being able to work with them in that cast and be doing those characters. Hopefully I get to work with them doing something else.

T: How will you stay in touch?

AK: We talk all the time. We're always texting and doing stuff. We are together more than you see a family. You are at work for like twelve hours a day. You go home and sleep for maybe eight and you are back. The amount of hours you spend together, you know everything about everyone.

T: What is something weird or funny that you know about them that no one else knows? AK: Josie snorts when she laughs, like hardcore. It's really good. And Cassie? Cassie always ridiculously sings in the middle of nothing. She'll be sitting there and it'll be completely silent and she'll just 'Oohhhh!' out of nowhere. She's hilarious!

T: Haha! Thanks for speaking to TWIST Ayla!

AK: Thank you, TWIST!

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