TWIST Chats with Pauly D from Jersey Shore and The Pauly D Project!


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We recently caught up with Pauly "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio from The Jersey Shore! As TWIST recently reported, Pauly has a new show, The Pauly D Project, where he gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at his life as a traveling DJ. We talked to Pauly about the new show, the upcoming season of Jersey Shore and more. Be sure to click "Read more" for our exclusive Q&A with Pauly D, and don't miss The Pauly D Project Thursday nights at 10:30/9:30c on MTV, right after Punk'd!


TWIST: What can you tell me about The Pauly D Project? Pauly D: I'm excited about it. I'm excited to show the world more of Pauly D, because they only know me from Jersey Shore and just partying up at the shore with a bunch of strangers that became my friends. Now, with my show, they get to see exactly where I come from. They get to meet my family, they get to meet my friends and they get to see what it's like being a touring DJ all over the world and all of the struggles that come along with it.

TWIST: Can you tell us about some of the other guys on the show and how you know them? Pauly D: For the most part, I took everybody from Rhode Island: my best friend Big Jerry, my buddy Biggie and Ryan. The other cast member, JROC, we met out in Las Vegas and became friends instantly. Now he's part of my crew.

TWIST: You're getting ready to film another season of Jersey Shore this summer, so what do you do to prepare for that? Pauly D: You know, there's not much preparation because they film us doing what we would normally do, just at the shore. The only thing is that I'm doing the GTL - I'm gym, tan, laundrying every day like I always do. I'll maybe get some clothes and fresh outfits for the shore.

TWIST: What's something that you always pack to bring with you that people might not think you'd bring? Pauly D: I always bring my ChapStick. They would never know that.

TWIST: What kind of surprises or famous faces can we expect to see on The Pauly D Project? Pauly D: What's cool about my show is that a lot of people hear about my deals - they hear about my deal with 50 [Cent], they hear about me touring with Britney [Spears] and all this stuff, but now they actually get to see that and meet them with me. It's almost like they can live the experience just as I did.

TWIST: How did you get used to being surrounded by cameras and crew all of the time? You went from being just a regular guy to being on a reality TV show. Pauly D: It was tough at first because I was never in front of the camera before Jersey Shore season one. It was a little difficult for me and I wasn't used to it. You're not supposed to look at the cameras, you're not supposed to talk to the camera people and stuff like that, so it took a while to get used to. But now we've been doing it for so long that it almost comes natural.

TWIST: You're on two MTV shows, but what were some of your favorite MTV shows growing up and over the last few years? Pauly D: My favorite MTV show growing up was Yo! MTV Raps. I was obsessed with that show. I loved watching it. As far as right now, I'm big into the reality shows. I'm watching all of them. I watch The Challenge, Teen Mom - I watch them all.

TWIST: Why should TWIST readers definitely check out The Pauly D Project? Pauly: They should definitely check out The Pauly D Project because you get to see what it's like with a real-life entourage. You get to see the behind-the-scenes life of a DJ and see what we get ourselves into in Las Vegas and traveling the world. A lot of people go behind the scenes with artists on television, but they never get to see behind the scenes with a DJ, and now they get to see that.

TWIST: Who are some of your celebrity crushes? Pauly D: My celebrity crush right now is Rihanna. I think she's so hot and talented. She's my favorite right now.

TWIST: Have you met her before? Pauly D: No, not yet.

TWIST: Maybe at the next VMAs or something! Pauly D: Yeah! I want to!

TWIST: Besides the show, do you have any upcoming projects that TWIST readers should know about? Pauly D: I signed a deal with 50 Cent where I signed to his G-Note label, and I'm working on an album right now, where I'm producing and working with some other producers. I'm working with other artists to make like a little compilation album. I also have a line of headphones coming out soon, too.

Photo: Courtesy of MTV

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