TWIST chats with Olivia Holt!


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TWIST just chatted with actress Olivia Holt from Disney XD's Kickin' It! Olivia spilled about the show, her character Kim, and what it's like to work with all boys! Check out our exclusive interview below!


Photo Courtesy of Disney

TWIST: Hey Olivia! Can you tell us a little bit about your character, Kim? Olivia: Hey! Kim is a very confident girl! She can go toe-to-toe with any guy in the dojo. She definitely kicks butt and that's one of the great things about her!

TWIST: Awesome! Are there any similarities between you and Kim? Olivia: Yes, I love her style and we both kind of have the same style so I think that's great! One difference [between us] would probably be that she's a little bit tougher in the show and I'm not as tough in real life. I don't really kick serious butt as much as she does.

TWIST: So you're on the set where the majority of the cast is mostly boys. What is that like? Olivia: A lot of people would be like, 'Ew, gross, boys!' But you know what? They're amazing! They're awesome! They're like my older brothers and I look forward to work every day because they're so great and they're just awesome; I love them to death!

TWIST: That's awesome. Do you guys hang out when you're not shooting? Olivia: Oh yeah, all the time! Me and the guys like to go to the movies and theme parks. We're great about trying to plan something for the weekend just to hang out and get together. Because when we're working on set, we don't have that much time to chill so I think that's great that we're all really close.

TWIST: Yeah, that's true. Who makes you laugh the most out of everyone? OH: I would have to say Jason [Earles]. He gets me all the time--in the middle of the scene-- like something really serious-- I'll look off to the side and he'll be sitting there making faces at me and I'll just start cracking up. He's hilarious; I love Jason!

TWIST: What's your favorite part about the acting experience? Olivia: The people I'm around! I feel like every day I go to set I learn something new. Actors like Jason Earles-- he has so much experience from Hannah Montana and I feel like I can go to him for anything. If I have trouble with a line he'll help me out with it. The people on set are one of the great things about the whole acting experience!

TWIST: So what can we expect from you in the future? Olivia: Nothing too big but I am kind of working on some music right now but that's just something for the break. But I hope that it gets a whole lot bigger so I'm excited for that!

TWIST: That's awesome! Who are some of your musical inspirations? Olivia: I love Rihanna! I love all of her songs and I think she's a fantastic singer. My absolute favorite... I love Taylor Swift. She's one of the people that I look up to in singing. My favorite band would be Rascal Flatts. I love them! I want to meet them one day; they're amazing!

TWIST: What would you like to happen to your character for the future? Olivia: I want my character to have a closer relationship with the guys and also a closer relationship with Jack and see what kind of happens between the two of them. They have a little flirtation thing going on throughout the whole first season and I want to see something happen in the second season. Also, I want my character to sing in the show, so hopefully something will happen in the show where I sing!

TWIST: Awesome! Thank you so much for talking with us today! Olivia: Thank you!

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