TWIST Chats with Nash Overstreet!


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We recently chatted with Nash Overstreet from the pop rock band, Hot Chelle Rae, whose brand new album Whatever was just released! Nash (whose little brother is Chord Overstreet from Glee) plays lead guitar and also sings background vocals. He chatted with us about Whatever, the band, their upcoming tour with Taylor Swift, and their new song with Demi Lovato! Check out the full interview below!


TWIST: How did Hot Chelle Rae get started? Nash: Ryan [Follese] and I met right out of high school and we were both writing songs and singing and just trying to figure out what the next step was in our lives. We got together and stated writing and got some songs under our belt. I had known Ian [Keaggy] since we were 10 and... he saw a show of ours and was like, 'you know what? I think I can play bass'. And Jamie [Follese] is Ryan's brother and was really awesome at drums.

TWIST: Who are some of your musical influences? Nash: We love Maroon 5! Train, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars... anyone who is just genuinely talented, has a great sounding record, and can write awesome songs.

TWIST: What is your writing process like? Where do you get your inspiration from? Nash: There are so many moments in those [songs] that are things that have happened to us. Basically "Tonight Tonight" is about going out, having fun, forgetting about your work week, or your girlfriend, or your parents or whatever you're dealing with. "I Like it Like That" is about a year of those nights.

TWIST: Awesome! So I hear you're going on tour early next year with Taylor Swift. Are you excited for that? Nash: We are SO excited we can't even believe it! First of all, Taylor's amazing, just really cool, her music is awesome--we've all been fans! We're really excited to go and play 12 arena shows... it will be insane! TWIST: That's going to be amazing! What's it like to work with Taylor? Nash: Oh amazing! She had us come out and do a guest appearance and do "Tonight Tonight" with her at the Staples Center over VMA weekend. Hearing the arena filled with people singing your song word by word is just the most intense feeling ever!

TWIST: As far as your family goes, you're all very musical. Did you and your brother Chord [Overstreet] sing together when you were younger? Nash: Very rarely. We would go down to the basement and jam but we were always doing different stuff. He was very into sports early on and I would be joining some band in the heat of the moment or be in the studio. So we never really had the garage band family thing going on. But as we got older, we definitely have written together. I think we're gong to try to do some collaboration and try to do a song together at some point.

TWIST: That'd be awesome! Does he ever ask for your advice on singing or girls or any of that big brother type stuff? Nash: Yeah from time to time he'll be like, 'this is what's up, this is what's going on.' You know, 'what would you do...' It's good to be able to be there and have that kind of relationship. TWIST: What can we expect from you guys in the future? Nash: The album Whatever is out, and we're so excited about it! It's really just an extension of us so we're really excited to share it with our fans and have them hear it. Demi Lovato did a duet with us on a song called "Why Don't You love Me".

TWIST: What was it like working with Demi? Nash: It was amazing, Demi absolutely killed it!

TWIST: We can't wait to hear it! Nash: We also got nominated for "Favorite New Artist" category for the AMAs... definitely a very cool feeling and we're having all of our fans vote as many times as they can!

TWIST: Definitely! Thanks so much for talking Nash! Nash: No problem! Thanks!

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