TWIST Chats with Mason Cook!


Hey TWIST Girls,

We got the chance to chat with Mason Cook from Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D! In the movie, Mason plays Cecil Wilson, a twin whose stepmom, Marissa, is a retired agent for the Organization of Super Spies. When Marissa gets called back into action, Cecil and his twin sister Rebecca are forced to take part in the battle to help her out! Mason gave us some inside details about his character, what it was like filming the movie, and more. Read our exclusive interview below!

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Photo courtesy of Dimension Films

TWIST: Can you tell me a little bit about your character in Spy Kids? Mason: My character Cecil Wilson is the smart, logical and responsible twin. Rebecca, not so much. My character Cecil is a master at hacking into computers, cracking codes, and solving anagrams. These skills help him track down and stop the evil Timekeeper. He's hearing impaired, but to him its not much of a disability, he actually uses it to his advantage to help stop the evil Timekeeper.

TWIST: Are you anything like your character in the movie? Mason: Actually I'm a lot like my character. Cecil is really smart but not nerdy. I'm pretty smart too, I guess! I did get straight A's this year. He's not afraid to be himself and stand up for what he believes, and neither am I.

TWIST: Why do you think our readers need to see this movie? Mason: It's action packed. It's 4D Aroma-Scope. There's actually a life lesson in there that you should make time for your family and family always comes first.

TWIST: What was your favorite scene to film? Mason: My favorite scene to film was probably the luge scene because I was strapped into to this rocket-like luge and I was spinning 360 degrees with wind machines, special effects, and green screen. It was so much fun, it was awesome.

TWIST: Do you have any really fun memories from set? Mason: One day my sister played this prank on me and Rowan Blanchard. She's a real prankster, she loves to prank me. She planned this prank with my school teacher Mr. Pratt, so we're in the school trailer once, me and Rowan, who plays my twin sister Rebecca, and he stares at us with this strange look and then he gets up and just starts yelling at us and is like "I'm so sick and tired of you guys talking during school!" then he gives us one of these white boards and slams one of them on the table and he starts yelling at us in German. And they both start cracking up and they were like "This is totally a prank!"

TWIST: Were you really close with the cast? Did you hang out off set? Mason: Yeah, they're all really nice wonderful people. Rowan was like a sister, working with her, she was so sweet. Jessica Alba was down to earth and beautiful. Joel McHale was tall, strong, and so funny! Jeremy Piven, he's very good at improv-ing just coming up with improv on his own and doing different voices for characters and he's just a really nice guy. We went to dinner sometimes. We swam at the place that we stayed, went shopping, and we went to the movies a lot!

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