TWIST Chats With Mary Mouser!


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We just caught up with Frenemies star Mary Mouser! She was totally sweet and spilled to TWIST exclusively all about the twins she played in the movie, her fave memory from set, how she juggles her busy schedule and MUCH more!

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XOXO, TWIST Photo: Courtesy of Startraks

TWIST: In Frenemies you play twins, Emma and Savannah! What similarities do you have with Emma? Mary Mouser: With Emma, I think I'm similar in the way that I love to dress really girly. I love shoes, I love dresses and I love the idea of getting a butler. I think that'd be really fun. Having someone make my bed or schedule everything for me. That'd be very fun for me.

TWIST: What similarities do you have with Savannah? MM: I can be sporty but I also have that part of me that likes to sit around and play video games, you know? I'm a little bit of a tomboy like Savannah. Even on my days where I'm dressing like Emma, I just like to hang out with some friends and be chill and not overdo anything like Savannah does.

TWIST: What was it like working with Bella Thorne and Zendaya? MM: It was a ton of fun! They were so energetic. They had the energy on the set really high and they made it even more fun to do.

TWIST: Do you have a favorite memory from the set? MM: I guess my favorite memory was when we did the final scene of Emma's birthday party. All of the actors got together and we did this big scene together. It was after all the practices we had done to get ready for the scene, so to see it actually happen was just so much fun for me!

TWIST: How'd the rest of the cast get along? MM: They all got along really well. It just worked! We went to the movies together and stuff like that. It was a lot of fun. TWIST: How do you balance all your work like Body of Proof and Frenemies and the rest of your life? MM: It sounds super complicated but my family is constantly helping me with it and keeping me centered in my life so I don't get caught up in it. I'm lucky to have family that is behind me 100% and they keep me in check. I guess the biggest thing is having people who help me along the way. I don't think I could do all of it without my family.

TWIST: What advice do you have for TWIST readers who are also balancing a lot of things? MM: My main thing is I've tried to handle it all myself without letting anyone else in because I don't want to worry anyone else with it. You got to be able to tell people how much you've got going on. Most of the time, adults will understand and help you work around it. A cheerleading coach, a teacher, if they understand what you're going through, what else you've got on your plate, they'll help you steer through it! TWIST: What's next for you? MM: Basically what's next for me is more Body of Proof! I have the second season and I'm really excited about that! We're going to finish up second season and I'm always hoping for a third! Even if not, I've had an amazing experience doing it. My character is becoming a lot like me in ways but she's growing up in the same way I am. We're both maturing and learning how to deal with that. Lacey goes with quite a few struggles similar to my life. It's been really, really cool.

TWIST: Thanks so much for talking with us Mary! MM: Thanks TWIST!

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