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We just caught up with 10 on Top host, Lenay Dunn! Her show airs on MTV on Saturdays at 11:30 ET. Lenay filled us in on all the deets about her show and dished to us about her living in Nashville (most of the time), and her crazy connection to Justin Bieber! Click HERE for our exclusive interview with Lenay and watch her shoutout to TWIST readers below!

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TWIST: Tell us a little about your show 10 on Top! Lenay: It's called 10 On Top and it's on MTV Saturdays at 11:30 AM eastern time. It's just pretty much the best show on TV, maybe ever. It's like a pop culture countdown show. It's all younger celebs and what's going on in their world. It's really cool because we get a lot of behind the scenes [footage], like they'll take a camera and they'll say 'Hey! Come to the set of The Secret Circle' or 'Behind the Scenes of Justin Bieber's music video!' It's really fun to see what kind of footage we get in. We have a lot of fun co-hosts. I get to meet a lot of cool people.

TWIST: Did you see yourself getting into this? Lenay: I went to school thinking I was going to be a Spanish teacher. I wanted to teach middle school or high school, but as I started speaking Spanish and learning how to do that I realized that I really liked making videos with my friends more. I think that's where my passions turned. It was like 'Wow, I can make this a job that's really cool!'

TWIST: That's awesome! Tell me a little more about landing the show! Lenay: Well I used to drive the RedBull trucks. I was the RedBull girl and I passed out RedBulls. I also made videos with my friends, which I know TONS of girls do. There was this one where me and my best friend went to Target and just rolled around and videotaped ourselves. We were holding up things saying, 'Oh little fluffy jacket! I've been looking for you my entire life!' or 'I've been looking for this battery my entire life.' We put it online and got half a million views. Those really stupid videos I made, somehow made their way to RedBull headquarters in LA. I got a call once like 'Hey can you skip school and we can fly you out to host shows and stuff?' I was like 'Sure, I don't know what that even means.' So I did and they pulled me out of school, interviewed their athletes, did their sports with them and just go on these crazy RedBull adventures. It was like hosting! I thought that this was awesome! This could be a job! So I moved to LA and got a manager and got an audition for MTV 2 but I didn't get that. I had made a video audition though so it circulated and got passed around MTV to the people for the show 10 on Top and they were like 'Oh we want her for this!' which was like even cooler! So it totally worked out. I live in Nashville and I fly to New York every week for like three days, which is a cool story to tell people. Kids are like 'Whoa, really?!' TWIST: What made you choose to stay in Nashville? Why not get a place in New York? Lenay: You know, I don't know. I've considered getting a place here but I just love both worlds! I love the energy [in New York] and I love it around Christmas time. I just love it. I can walk at one in the morning and it's bright out. But in Nashville it's more chill and here [in New York] it's more crazy. I get the best of both worlds. TWIST: Who's been your favorite person to have on the show? Lenay: I really liked Ashley Benson from Pretty Little Liars. Everyone thought we were twins on camera. After we did that there were blogs asking "Who's who?" But I thought she was super fun because we can both talk with our mouths closed. We just had so much fun with it! They had to keep telling us to stay on track because we just kept laughing about everything. She lives in LA and I live here so I never really see her but she's probably one of my faves.

TWIST: Is there anyone you had on the show who you used to be a fan of when you were younger and had a fangirl moment? Lenay: Yeah, one of the first interviews I did, I went sailing with Zac Efron. I thought that was sweet because I had seen High School Musical and I didn't just get to interview him but I got to go sailing with him and hang out. We sailed for a couple of hours in New York!

TWIST: Wow! That's awesome! Were there any other stars like Zac that you have any memorable stories with? Lenay: Well one thing, about Justin Bieber, was when I was first auditioning for the job, the pilot was shot as me as Justin Bieber's co-host. I was in the studio and they shot him in the field and we tossed back and forth at each other. I was like 'I'm Lenay and now to my correspondent in the field, Justin Bieber,' and he's like 'Thanks Lenay!' That was how the show was going to be but that was right before he took off and then he didn't have time to do a TV show. So I still have that footage where me and Justin Bieber were going to have a TV show together. It just never quite happened. But I've never actually met him. TWIST: Do you have any upcoming projects? Lenay: Yeah I'm really excited about The Hunger Games [themed episode] coming out in the Spring. We don't know who we're going to get for that yet but sometimes we have fun themes! Just fun stuff like that! TWIST: Thanks for talking with us Lenay! Lenay: Thanks TWIST!

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