TWIST Chats with Kicking Daisies!


Hey TWIST Girls,

We got the chance to chat with the winners of Disney Channel's Next Big Thing, Kicking Daisies! They told us about their new music, what inspires them, and a ton more! Read our exclusive interview and our exclusive video of them performing their new single "Breathing"!

xoxo, TWIST

TWIST: How would you describe your sound? Duran: I'm going to say a mix between Katy Perry and Paramore. Caitlin: We're pop rock so we have a lot of influences from rock, which is like the drum solo, guitar solos and the three-part harmonies, but we're also very pop based because our lyrics relate to everyone and Ben plays the keyboard sometimes and does some synth stuff. Duran: We're very guitar based, drum based, kind of rock band but with some pop elements to it. TWIST: Who are your musical inspirations? Caitlin: Paramore, Katy Perry Carly: Say Anything Duran: I'm a big alternative guy, me and Carly are big in alternative pop punk. Ben and Cait are into the more synthy side, Ben: Electronic stuff. Duran: Cait's into the pop music and all that stuff.

TWIST: How did you get your name? Duran: We wanted something that would represent having two guys and two girls in the band so we thought of something that is light and heavy and we thought of Kicking Daisies. Over the years, we developed into like Ben has guitar solos and Cait has drum solos and a lot of our sets are based off of that, and we kind of developed that Ben and Cait are a little darker and me and Carly are a bit lighter so it kind of represents that also: Kicking Daisies.

TWIST: If you could duet with someone who would it be? Carly: Lady Gaga Caitlin: Gaga! That would be so cool. We would have to wear cool outfits. I don't know how I'd play drums with like a lamp on my head or something. Carly: We love Gaga though! Duran: I'd replace Zac Efron and do a duet with Vanessa Hudgens Ben: I'd replace Vanessa Hudgens and do a duet with Zac Efron

TWIST: What inspires you to write music? Caitlin: Everything: relationships, friendships, waterfalls and sunsets! Ben: Long walks on the beach! Caitlin: A lot of things that anyone goes through. Mainly love. Carly: We're like normal kids! Caitlin: We're really big into being ourselves and being who you truly are so we write stuff that's inspirational about that but its not just aimed towards a certain age group which is cool, everyone can kind of relate to it.

TWIST: What can we expect from you in the future? Caitlin: Right now our five song EP called Keeping Secrets. But we have a new single out called "Breathing" and we're really excited about that. Carly: We're moving to mainstream radio. Duran: It's like our favorite song, too, so it's awesome! Caitlin: It's a lot of exciting things, to write it ourselves and hear it on mainstream radio. Carly: We've been playing so many shows too! Duran: We're developing these new sounds and it just keeps getting better and better and more fun and it's awesome.

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