TWIST Chats with Jojo - And She Rocks!


Hey girls,

I've been a fan of Jojo's ever since she dominated radio stations at age 13. Check out my fave Jojo song here. Now, she's back with a new album called Jumping Trains and she stopped by the TWIST office to let us listen to her new tracks. Then, she curled up on the couch for some girl talk. Check out our conversation below and then head to her MySpace page to listen to her new songs!

TWIST: What are some of the themes you sing about on the new album? I noticed you sing about independence a lot... Jojo: Yes, totally. Jumping Trains represents a bunch of different things I was going through: going from girl to woman, moving from Boston to LA, leaving some things behind and entering a new chapter of my life...Independence was something I was really going through and you hear that in my music.

TWIST: What other kind of life changes were you going through while making this album? Jojo: The decision to totally dedicate myself to my career was something that influenced the album because I was really conflicted about whether I should take the route of going to college or not. But I chose to give my career my all.

TWIST: What do you think you're learning now that you wouldn't have learned in college? Jojo: I think I have a thicker skin than if I were at college. You have to be a tough cookie to be in this industry!

TWIST: Are there specific songs on Jumping Trains you thing teen girls can especially relate to? Jojo: Completely! The title track, Jumping Tains is something a lot of people can relate to. Say you're in a relationship where you just feel a bit tied down or you feel you can't accomplish your goals. You just need to be free and learn who you are. That's a really common theme for young girls who need to be taking that space and taking the journey alone and not bring anyone along with you.

TWIST: So you think it's important to kind of figure out who you are on your own before jumping into a relationship? Jojo: I think so. I think it's ideal to do that, but I know it's really tempting to want to share with someone. But you don't want to be molded into something - you should be rooted in who you are.

TWIST: What kind of guy catches your eye? Jojo: I'm really drawn to personality. I love a good story. I love intelligence of course, and that isn't really something you see at first. I like to get to know someone. I'm not really the type of person that's like 'Oooh. Look at that hot guy. I'm going to talk to him!' I really like to sit down, have a conversation and see where his mind is at. But as far as a physical type, I really like a guy that takes care of himself and is in good shape. I like muscles!

Jojo's album comes out in October. For more info, check her out on MySpace!

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