TWIST Chats with I Kissed a Vampire's Drew Seeley!


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We recently chatted with Drew Seeley, who stars in the upcoming movie I Kissed a Vampire, a vampire musical, alongside High School Musical and real-life pal Lucas Grabeel! We chatted about the movie, his evil character Trey, what it was like to work with Lucas again and more! Click "Read more" for our exclusive interview with Drew, and don't miss I Kissed a Vampire when it comes out in theaters on March 16!


TWIST: Can you tell me a bit about I Kissed a Vampire? Drew: It's a movie musical! I think if you like Glee and you like Twilight, you'll probably like our movie. It's a lot of fun. It's campy, but it's got a lot of great music - probably 15 or 16 new songs. It stars Lucas Grabeel as well, from High School Musical, who a lot of TWIST readers would know.

TWIST: You guys filmed this a while ago as a web series, right? Drew: Yeah! We started with three 10-minute webisodes that we put on iTunes, and we just got such a good response that we though, 'Hey, let's flesh it out and turn it into a movie.'

TWIST: Can you describe your character Trey? Drew: I am the sinister, dark one in the film. Usually I get to play the nice guy in most things that I do, but then this came along, and I thought it would be a lot of fun to flip the switch. Most of the movie is spent trying to bring Lucas over to the dark side. I'm definitely a bad influence on everyone, but I'm sort of the lord of the underworld, if you will.

TWIST: Is it fun to play that different sort of character? Drew: It's so much fun. I have my group of Vampirettes and a house full of equally evil girls who also try to be a bad influence on Lucas. It's fun.

TWIST: What makes it different from any of the other vampire shows or movies that are out there now? Drew: The fact that it doesn't take itself seriously. It's not about serious vampires. We use a lot of vampire puns, and it's definitely goofy. We're kind of winking at ourselves while we're doing it, knowing that it's sort of a silly thing.

TWIST: You got to work with Lucas a while ago when you did the High School Musical tour. Were you excited about working with him again? Drew: Very much! We're good friends in real life. He's a good dude, and this came along, and I was like, 'I know the perfect guy to jump on this project with us, and he was into it. It worked out.

TWIST: Your younger sister Katie was also in it! What was it like working with her? Drew: It was so much fun. I worked with her a couple of years ago in a movie called Freshman Father as well, so it's always amazing to get to work with your family.

TWIST: You're close in age, so would you guys fight on set? Or when you were growing up, did you fight a lot? Drew: It was just the two of us, so we were kind of more buddies than enemies. She and I are out in California pursuing this crazy acting dream, and our parents are back in Florida, so we really look out for each other.

TWIST: Why should TWIST readers check the movie out when it comes out? Drew: Well, it's a lot of fun. It's got brand new music you'll be able to sing along with and have on your iPod. It's a different twist on vampires, and I don't think a vampire musical has really been done yet.

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