TWIST Chats With How to Rock's Halston Sage!


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We recently caught up with Halston Sage, who plays the ditsy-but-lovable Grace King on Nickelodeon's How to Rock! In addition to the show, Halston is also filming The Bling Ring alongside Emma Watson. The flick is based on the real-life group of friends who broke into celebs' houses back in 2010. And if all that wasn't enough, she's also dating James Maslow from Big Time Rush! We chatted about the show, her new movie and more! Be sure to click "Read More" for our exclusive interview with Halston, and don't miss How to Rock on Nick!


TWIST: What can we expect to see on some upcoming episodes of How to Rock? Halston: On some upcoming episodes of How to Rock, there's lots of new music, which is always really fun. I'm really excited because there's a lot of episodes where the Perfs and Gravity 5 actually work together and are together a lot, which is really nice because there's always sort of been this rivalry. It's been really fun to see them come together and join forces. TWIST: What's your favorite things about playing a character like Grace? Halston: My favorite thing about playing Grace is that we're such opposites. Grace is very much in her own world, and I'm a little more focused in my life. It's fun to be able to go to work, let go and be silly - she's just this whimsical girl.

TWIST: What's the vibe like on set? Do you and the rest of the cast hang out? Are you friends in real life? Halston: Yeah! We're all really close. It's really nice going to work with your friends. It's great. Sam [Boscarino] and I are especially really close, so we'll walk around the lot at lunch, hang out in each other's dressing rooms, listen to records and just talk. It definitely makes going to work fun.

TWIST: What about the guys on set? Are they easy to get along with as well? Halston: They're all so sweet. Between Chris [O'Neal] and Noah [Crawford] always making you laugh and Max [Schneider] always whipping out the ukulele, they're definitely really cool guys.

TWIST: Can you tell me about your part in The Bling Ring? Halston: I play a school girl who will be in the middle of all the drama. I can't reveal too much, but she definitely is a part of the big secret of the movie. I'm really excited to meet Emma Watson just because I'm a big fan of her from the Harry Potter movies. I think style-wise, she's one of my fashion icons, so I think it'll be fun to meet her in person and maybe get to talk about fashion.

TWIST: Which artists or songs have been on your playlist lately? Halston: Classically, I think the Beatles are amazing, but I also do like newer stuff. John Mayer is my favorite artist of all time. I love him. I also like Jack Johnson and Colbie Caillat, especially around this time of year because their music is so summery and fun. It's always fun to listen to a Lady Gaga song. We'll sing that around set. That's where I get all my music. I love the Black Keys a lot too. I like a big mix of stuff.

TWIST: Besides How to Rock and The Bling Ring, do you have any upcoming projects that TWIST readers should know about? Halston: Not right now; I'm just working hard on the show and I'm excited about this movie. I was in a movie called The First Time, which will be coming out in a few months, which was really fun to film. Actually, Victoria Justice was in that too, so that was cool since I'd worked with her before. You can look out for that.

TWIST: Thanks so much, Halston. Halston: Thanks, TWIST!

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