TWIST Chats with Hector David Jr.!


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We got the chance to talk to Hector David Jr. who plays the green Power Ranger (Mike) from Power Rangers Samurai! Hector told us all about his character, what it's like playing a Power Ranger, and tons more. Read our exclusive interview below!

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TWIST: Can you tell me a little bit about your character? Hector: My character is actually a funny one. I'm very similar to my character, as I've been learning the last couple of days being back home in Florida with my family. Just watching the show again, my character is very impulsive, he's always getting into some kind of trouble but somehow he's always finding a creative way to save the day. He's the green Power Ranger, his element is the force and he has a little thing for the Yellow Ranger, Emily, he has a soft spot for her, and it gets developed as we go along in the end of the first and beginning of the second season. That sums up my character in a little nutshell.

TWIST: What's it like to be able to play a Power Ranger? Hector: I was the green Power Ranger for like every Halloween, I had every single toy, my mom was telling me this story this weekend that when I would be watching Power Rangers, if I walked away for a second my grandpa would change it, I would come back into the living room and throw a fit crying that he changed the Power Rangers and I would be freaking out all over the floor throwing a tantrum because Power Rangers wouldn't be on anymore. I grew up with the show and the fact that I'm a part of it now and I play my favorite ranger is just beyond amazing and I've been super blessed to do so.

TWIST: What did you have to do to prepare for the role? Hector: I had been a gymnast and a dancer my whole life and I had done musical theater as well. I just kind of applied that to everything going into this role and it worked out perfectly. They let my character do a little bit of dancing in the show so that's kind of Hector coming into the Mike character a little bit and adapting, so its been a really cool part about being a ranger. I've also been trained in martial arts for the past 5 years

TWIST: That's a lot of experience!
Yeah absolutely but they definitely whooped us into shape. When we got to New Zealand they gave us six weeks of samurai training and we learned, how to be a samurai: the way to live as a samurai, the respect of the sport, the lifestyle. Our stunt team is amazing. They hooked us up with some great stunt teams that had been there since the beginning.

TWIST: What was it like to film in New Zealand? Hector: You know when you look in a magazine and it shows like ten of your favorite destinations you have to go see? That's what its like. It's an epic place to go. I recommend everyone go visit. It's so green and the sky is always blue. It's the opposite of America so we get snow and stuff in July and June and it's such a beautiful place to visit. The waters blue, the people are great, very relaxed people. There's a very hard working film industry out there. They know Rangers. The film industry out there really knows the show that they put together. They've been doing Rangers in New Zealand for the past ten to fifteen years.

TWIST: That sounds awesome. Thanks for talking to us! Hector: Thanks TWIST!

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