TWIST Chats with Haley Reinhart!


Hey TWIST Girls!

We just talked to the super sweet American Idol alum Haley Reinhart! Her single "Free" off of her upcoming album Listen Up! totally has us dancing to it and Haley spilled to TWIST all about her music, and her life being part of the American Idol family!


TWIST: How did you get your start in music? Haley: Well that's an easy one! I grew up with a family band. My parents have been playing for 40 years now. Lucky for me I got to grow up with music, following them, and going to gigs since I was a little one. I was getting on stage since I was seven years old and I've been doing it since.

TWIST: How would you describe your music? Haley: I've grown up with a lot of older retro music. My music is very retro with a definite modern twist. There's different key elements of things like soul, R&B, and rock. A bunch of different things with pop undertones in it as well.

TWIST: Can you tell me about your song "Free" and your upcoming album? Haley: "Free" just came out. It's an empowering break up tune. It's kind of the more mature way of saying, 'I know we love each other but this thing kind of has to end if we want to be the happiest beings we can be.' I actually wrote the majority of material. It was a very fast paced writing process. I couldn't imagine it any other way. The album really defines me. I've always been a songwriter. It was really great finally getting to splurge and get it all out on paper.
TWIST: How has your life changed since being on American Idol? Haley: It's been a whirlwind. I haven't stopped. It's been fantastic to be able to say it's gone from the show to the tour to writing the whole album and getting it done and now going on all the promo tours. Things are popping up. It's finally come to this point.

TWIST: What was it like going back to perform on Idol a year later? Haley: It felt great knowing that I have all this support from everybody on Idol and all the fans who have followed me since the show. I'm just growing with having people get to know me better. Going back on the show and performing my own material just feels like everything I've worked for!

TWIST: You've gotten the chance to sing with some pretty amazing people, but is there anyone else that you're dying to collaborate with? Haley: Paul McCartney. I always say Paulie Boy because he's legendary--Sir Paul McCartney.

TWIST: Do you have any upcoming tour plans? Haley: There are things roaming about. Trying to see who would be the perfect fit to go on the road with. I'm definitely looking into a summer tour so we'll see what comes about.

TWIST: Why should TWIST readers definitely check out your music? Haley: It's fun, refreshing, and spunky. It's very youthful. It's just a new kind of sound that a lot of younger girls and kids in general will be able to relate to. It'll take them on a journey.

TWIST: Thanks for talking with us Haley! Haley: Thanks so much TWIST!

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