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We just got to chat with Cierra Ramirez who stars in the new movie Girl in Progress! Cierra spilled all about the movie, spending time with Raini Rodriguez, and silliness on set. Plus, she shared deets on her new single, "You Don't Know," and the behind the scenes vid below. Make sure to check out Girl in Progress when it comes out this Friday, May 11!

Check out this behind the scenes clip from Cierra's new music video for "You Don't Know"!


TWIST: Could you tell me about your character and if you relate to her at all? Cierra: Oh I definitely relate to her. She goes through so many transitions. The fact that she kind of produces her own coming of age story, I can also relate to because I really want to become a producer when I grow up. TWIST: Totally! What was auditioning for this part like? Cierra: It was really different. I went in and didn't know I had the role, but I was the only one in there. There were are a lot of different mix and matches so I got to act with different best friends and with different love interests. It was a really cool experience.

TWIST: Did you learn anything from your cast members like Raini Rodriguez or Eva Mendes? Cierra: Yes, Raini, I love her! I did, I learned that Eva was the type of person who stays in character throughout the entire time on set. So that kind of rubbed off on me and helped me get into character, and same with Raini. We all kind of took it seriously so it was cool. TWIST: What's your best on-set memory/prank that you girls had? Cierra: Eva is really friendly and likes to be in her character. Her character Grace is kind of childlike and everything so she'd always be playing jokes with me. We would make bets, and she bet me to eat a whole package of mayonnaise. She didn't think I could do it, but I did it!

TWIST: Why should TWIST readers definitely go see Girl In Progress? Cierra: It's a mother-daughter loving type story and you can learn a lot from it. I think any mother and daughter should go see this together. It's a bonding experience, and it has a good message.

TWIST: Have you ever had any body insecurities, and if you have, how did you overcome them? Cierra: Oh, I definitely have body insecurities. Every single day you just see yourself and you see other people and you start judging yourself right away. But the advice I would give everyone is to stay true to themselves. They were made the way they were and they're perfect the way they are.

TWIST:I read that you're a singer! What type of music do you like singing and when can we expect to hear some more music from you? Cierra: Well, I'm going to be releasing a few singles and videos coming out this year. I also have a song called "You Don't Know" that was inspired by the movie, and that's going to be out soon. TWIST: Do you have any upcoming projects you can share with our TWIST readers? Cierra: Well, I've been auditioning a lot and keeping busy with school, but crossing my fingers!

TWIST: Thanks so much, Cierra! Cierra: Thank you, TWIST!

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