TWIST chats with Diggy Simmons!


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TWIST sat down with 16-year-old singer/rapper Diggy Simmons! We chatted with the youngest son of famous DJ Rev. Run, about who he'd like to do a duet with, his ideal girl, and even his celebrity crush! Check out our exclusive interview below!

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TWIST: Can you tell us a little bit about how you got started? Diggy: I just started writing and penning down things that I felt. That's really where it came from... I was just falling in love with the artistry and my craft. I didn't really want it to be a career. I didn't really have intentions of that at first.

TWIST: What types of things inspire you to write your music? Diggy: Anything... girls, past experiences with people... that's just kind of the theme of my album. And it will be the theme throughout my whole life: experiences and real things that I go through.

TWIST: If you could do a duet with anyone, who would it be? Diggy: A song with Kanye [West] would be dope.

TWIST: What is your favorite song of yours? Diggy: It would probably be "Thinkin Bout U". It's on my mixed tape Airborne. I just love it because I really went into a deep place inside of me... it just feels good and it's relatable.

TWIST: What would your ideal girl be? Diggy: Definitely someone that's not just beautiful on the outside but someone that is on the inside too. Someone that I'm compatible with and I can be real with and talk to just about anything with. So somebody that I can just be close to on not only a relationship level but as a best friend. I believe in true beauty on a girl so I don't want her to feel like she'd have to wear makeup all the time. I'd always want her to feel comfortable around me.

TWIST: Do you have a celebrity crush right now?
Diggy: It would be Rihanna or Eva Mendes... I love Eva Mendes.

TWIST: What can we expect from you in the future? Diggy: Definitely my debut album. [I also have] my sneaker line-- it's called "Chivalrous Culture".

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