TWIST Chats with Daryl Sabara!


Hey TWIST Girls,

We just chatted with Daryl Sabara, one of the original Spy Kids and the voice of Rex in Generator Rex! He spilled to us all about Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D, what it's like being the voice of a cartoon character, and his paint fight with Selena Gomez! Read our exclusive interview with Daryl after the jump and tell us below what you think!


TWIST: Spy Kids: All the Time in the World 4D was just released on DVD. Could you tell us about it and how it fits in with the rest of the series? D: Well, Spy Kids 4 is all of the new Spy Kids. Jessica Alba is the new top spy. She is Antonio Banderas' sister in the movie. It follows her spy family. Joel McHale plays her husband and she's kind of hiding the secret that she's a spy. Basically, these two new kids, Cecil and Rebecca, find out that their stepmom is a spy so they go try and save her because she gets kidnapped. They go through these crazy adventures trying to get their stepmom back and they need a little help. So our characters, my character Juni and Alexa Vega's character Carmen come in to help them out. T: What was it like reprising the roles as the older, wiser Juni? D: It was so weird playing the same role 10 years later. I totally had to reinvent a character that I made years ago. It was really, really weird. And also, Alexa and I are adults, or young adults, now. So to do these scenes with the new Spy Kids was really cool.

T: You also do the voice of "Rex" in Generator Rex, could you tell us about that? D: Yeah! I have so much fun with Generator Rex. I grew up watching cartoons. Cartoons are always on in my house. So getting to be a cartoon character--and a superhero cartoon character--is really fun. I get to record with really talented people. I get to pretend to be a superhero every week. It's a really fun show!

T: How do you find voice acting differs from live action acting? D: Voice acting is awesome because you can show up in your pajamas and just go to work and have a blast. There's a little more primping in film and TV acting. Which is fun too--getting to dress up. Voice acting is just with your voice and that's really the only tool you need to have fun. T: Now you were a recurring character on Wizards of Waverly Place, which just ended. What was the end of the show like for you? D: Well I actually haven't gotten the chance to see the end of the show but I had so much fun on Wizards because I worked with Selena and David [Henrie] previously. Selena was actually in Spy Kids 3--Spy Kids 3 was actually her first movie. So it was really cool to see her in her own thing, seeing her getting to do what she's always dreamed of doing. I just had so much fun doing that show. And, you know, pretending to be a wizard! Being the huge Harry Potterfan that I am, [that was] the closest I got to that. So that was a blast. T: Do you have a favorite memory from working on Wizards that you can share? D: Well there was this scene that I did in the second episode I was in and we had a paint fight. It was Selena and me. I just remember that. I never feel like I'm going to work; it always feels like I'm going to play, like just on a playground. So I go to work and we have this scene where we're just throwing paint at each other. I just remember thinking that was the coolest day ever! T: Now did you guys go all in or did you hold back some? D: Oh no way! At the very beginning we didn't know if we were going all for it. And then I think it was Selena who threw a bunch of paint, like red paint all over me and then and we were just going full force paint fighting! T: Thanks so much for talking to us Daryl! D: Thanks TWIST!

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