TWIST Chats with Benni Cinkle!


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TWIST recently chatted with Benni Cinkle, "That Girl in Pink" from Rebecca Black's music video "Friday"! Benni spilled on how the music video changed her everyday life, the strangest thing she's ever been asked to autograph, and the nonprofit organization that she started! Check out our exclusive interview below!

xoxo, TWIST TWIST: So first of all, what was it like when you were first recognized in Rebecca Black's video? Benni: The first thing that happened was I got a fan page and they didn't know my name so they made the fan page titled, "That Girl in Pink Who Danced Awkwardly in Rebecca Black's 'Friday' Video". But it was cool because after about a week there were 82,000 likes on that page and so it was crazy. But then the page got taken down so we made my own.

TWIST: How did you and Rebecca know each other? Benni: We were best friends.

TWIST: Oh nice. Where did the idea to do that video come from? Benni: Well Alana Lee did a video called "Butterflies" with the same company and after she did hers Rebecca wanted to do one so her parents paid for for Ark Music Factory to write a song for her and to produce the video. They asked Rebecca to ask her friends to be in the video so that's how we're all in the video--we're all friends.

TWIST: Did you guys ever imagine how big it would become? Benni: Never, no!

TWIST: What was it like when you first realized this could be something big? Benni: Well when I first saw the video I was so embarrassed. I felt so awkward. And then after everyone saw it, after it went big, it was less of a big deal for me because it was all strangers that saw it so it didn't matter. TWIST: What's the biggest difference before and after all these videos? Benni: At school after the "Friday" video nobody really treated me differently, they were all talking about Rebecca because she still went to our school at that time.

TWIST: Did her recent switch to home schooling have anything to do with the video? Benni: Yeah, she said that she was getting bullied so she started being home schooled towards the end of eighth grade. My single came out over summer and when we started school again there was this group of kids who asked me to sign things and it was the first time at school that anyone's ever asked me to sign anything.

TWIST: What did you sign? Benni: I signed two binders--the front and the back of both of them--a cell phone case, backpack, and a banana!

TWIST: A banana? Benni: A banana yeah! It was so weird! But that's the only thing that people have treated me different for.

TWIST: So, "" is your nonprofit; who is it geared towards? Benni: It's for causes that I care about and that teens care about. 100% of the sales from my single go to four charities: To Write Love on Her Arms, Glisten, The Trevor Project, and ChildLine.

TWIST: Oh wow, how did you pick those four? Benni: Well To Write Love on Her Arms is for self harm and things like that--something that a lot of kids go through. Glisten and The Trevor Project are for gay, lesbian, straight, transgender, or questioning teens that need education or are in crisis. So that's something that's really important, especially in this generation. And then ChildLine is a nonprofit in the UK for abused children who need help.

TWIST: That's awesome! It's good that you're using that platform to do something good! So what can we expect from you in the future? Do you have any future plans? Benni: Right now I'm doing presentations at 10 schools all across the US. I'm talking about empowerment, self-esteem, and bullying and it's called "You Have a Voice". It's something that I really believe in. We're also looking at some other songs and I would be happy to do another one if it goes to a good cause!

T: That's awesome; It sounds like you have great plans ahead! Thanks for talking with us Benni! Benni: Thanks TWIST!

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