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We just caught up with Before You Exit at their concert in New Jersey! This band from Orlando, FL just released a new single, "End of the World," and has been touring with Allstar Weekend! The members of the band Braiden Wood, Riley McDonough, Connor McDonough, and Thomas Silvers spilled to TWIST exclusively about how they got started in music, their dream collaboration and how they came up with their name!

Before You Exit Frontmen Rocking Out!

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TWIST: So how did you guys become interested in music? Connor: I started when I was about 5. This sounds stupid but my parents got me a keyboard. I would just pick out songs on it and play them by ear for a long time. I just kind of taught myself how to play. I had some friends that played guitar that got me interested in that but same thing, I learned by ear. Picking things out and learning from other people--that kind of stuff. Riley: Connor taught me. We just kinda screwed up learning music together until we met these two guys -- Braiden and Thomas. Thomas: I don't know, I kind of just picked up drums when I was like 10, maybe 11. I don't know, it just kind of escalated from there. I really liked it, started playing with it. Got my first snare drum actually from my neighbor across the street. He thought I had a talent so he gave me my first drum and I started playing. Braiden: I started playing piano in fourth grade. I had music class in school so I kind of grew up playing with different instruments and tinkering around. I didn't start actual lessons till about fourth grade so I've kept learning different instruments since then.

TWIST: Where does the name 'Before You Exit' come from? Connor: We all came up with the idea. We were all sitting around. At the time it was just Braiden, Thomas and I. It came up with like wanting to make a difference in the world before you die -- before you exit. It's just kind of a cool name. We came up with the name and for about a year we didn't realize that our initials spell B.Y.E. So that was weird and we discovered that. We've just been going ever sense.

TWIST: Can you tell us about your new single "End of the World?" Riley: Our new single came out in 2012 for the "End of the World." Connor: When we wrote that song we freaked out and was like 'whoa, this is cool.' We liked it the day of and the next day knew it was dangerous. We woke up and couldn't stop singing it for the next four days! Riley: We had this voice memo and just kept replaying it to hear the song because we didn't have the version back yet. We just kept playing it back because we kept wanting to hear it. It was like this really raw idea but we really liked it. TWIST: If you could collaborate with one artist who would it be and why? Connor: Well, right now we're really into harmony. Like we've been trying to get our band into everyone singing and doing different parts. We just did a video [cover] of the band One Direction so I'd probably say them. They're like a boy band. We're like a boy band with guitars. It'd still be really cool to collaborate with them. Braiden, Riley and Thomas: Agreed! TWIST: What is it like touring with Allstar Weekend? Connor: I love it! I think it's been an awesome tour. We're on like show 30 now. It's been great, a lot of fun, and a lot of kids showing up. Just some really energetic shows. Like everyone has been great. It's been a blast.

TWIST: Thanks for talking to us! Before You Exit: Thanks TWIST!

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