TWIST Chats With Austin Butler from Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure!


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If you haven't already seen Ashley Tisdale's brand new movie - a spin-off all about her High School Musical character, Sharpay - we have exciting news for you! Tonight at 8pm EST, Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure will be debuting on the Disney Channel! TWIST recently sat down with Ashley's super-cute co-star Austin Butler to get the inside scoop on this must-see TV movie!

A film student at NYU, Austin's character Peyton stumbles upon Sharpay after she's been kicked out of her apartment and decides that she's the perfect subject for his documentary. "He sees her on the side of the road," Austin tells us. "He just thinks that she's the perfect 'fish out of water' story and ends up filming her journey to becoming a Broadway star!" Since his character is so sweet in the movie - Peyton even finds Sharpay a new place to live! - we were dying to know if Austin is just as charming when the cameras aren't rolling. "I like to plan day trip type things," he told us. "I once took a girl to the Getty Museum in LA. It has an amazing view of LA on one side and the ocean on the other. Then, I drove us to the Santa Monica pier right as the sun was setting." Aww!

This movie's so much fun - think over-the-top musical numbers and tons of laughs - so, of course, we wanted to know what the cast did on their downtime. "We were all staying in the same hotel," Austin revealed. "Ashley and I actually knew each other beforehand so we would work out together every morning. They also had this place right next to our hotel that made homemade ice cream, we'd always go there after work!" But isn't it awkward to film an on-screen kiss with one of your oldest friends? "It was a little bit," Austin laughed. "You sort of have this feeling like she's your sister or something, you know?"

What do you think of Austin, ladies? Are you planning on watching Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure tonight at 8pm? Or have you already seen it on DVD? What'd you think? Tell us below! And be sure to check out TWIST's May/June double issue - on stands now - for more Ashley, including the inside scoop on how to steal her fabulous style!

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Photo Courtesy of Disney Channel

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