TWIST Chats with ACUVUE Mentor Meaghan Martin!


Hey TWIST Readers!

We just caught up with actress Meaghan Martin who told us all about working on ACUVUE's 1-Day Contest! She'll be working as a celeb mentor for the second time and spilled to TWIST why she's so excited!

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TWIST: Can you tell us about your involvement with the ACUVUE 1-Day Contest? Meaghan Martin: I am taking part in the ACUVUE® 1-Day Contest for the second time as a celebrity mentor. I am also an ACUVUE® contact lens wearer!

TWIST: What was it like working with your contest winner last year? MM: It was a lot of fun to work with Shawn, my winner last year. He was so excited and grateful for every surprise we had for him and there were plenty! Every second of the day had us all on the edge of our seats, waiting for the next surprise and the next wonderful reaction.

TWIST: Cool! What is the number one accessory that a girl can never have enough of? MM: Currently I would say nail polish and headbands. I find both of those things can really change an outfit by dressing it up or down.
TWIST: Besides the contest, do you have any upcoming projects that TWIST readers should know about? MM: I did an episode of the new TV show, The Wedding Band which starts airing on TBS in June! TWIST: Thanks for talking to us Meaghan! MM: Thanks TWIST!

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