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Halloween's right around the corner and TWIST is totally in the spirit! In our new issue, we bring you the stars' sweet and spooky Halloween memories. Look for the orange and purple background and yellow words, Trick-or-Treat Kiss & Tells!

THE ULTIMATE TAYLOR LAUTNER TELL-ALL! TWIST is the only mag to bring you the secrets only Taylor's friends would know -- it's a must-read! *And you can't miss TWIST's exclusive New Moon masks! EVERY reader scores Edward, Bella, Jacob and Alice face masks -- pick one for yourself and pass the rest out to your friends for an instant costume!

KRISTEN STEWART: "I CAN FEEL A BREAKUP COMING..." Right now, all eyes are on Robsten -- how long will their real-life love last? TWIST uncovered Kristen has a sixth sense -- she can always sniff out a breakup! *Plus, Rob solves YOUR biggest dating dilemma!

 Rumors can get under any girl's skin, and Selena tells TWIST they used to bother her so much she almost broke down! *Plus, read about the craziest celeb rumors of all time and find out if YOU gossip too much!

TAYLOR SWIFT: "I PASSED NOTES IN CLASS!" Taylor came to TWIST with the untold story of how she survived high school! "I passed notes to all my friends in class," she dishes. Find out how notes to friends helped Taylor cope! *Plus, we've got deets and pics from Tay's smooch scene with Taylor Lautner!

JOE JONAS EXCLUSIVE: "WHY I GET NERVOUS BEFORE A DATE!" Now that Joe's single, he's totally freaking about the dating game -- and he revealed what makes him paranoid about dating only to TWIST! *And TWIST is the only mag on earth to get deets on JB's Halloween plans -- we helped them plan a party! Find out the secret theme in our new issue!

LOTS MORE! You can't miss: *TWIST's MEGA posters *How to Score a Star Bedroom *Miley's Performance Controversy *Jennifer Stone's Fitness Secrets *Vanessa's Body Insecurity Confession *Tips on How to Take Your Summer Wardrobe into Fall *How to Deal with Pressure from Boys *Personality Quizzes *Scopes Cards *And so much more!

Tell TWIST, are you picking up your copy this weekend? What story are you most looking forward to? Comment now with your TWIST reviews!

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