The Vampire Diaries' Damon or Stefan: Who's Your Fave?


Hey girlies!

It's been weeks since we've seen The Vampire Diaries' Stefan, Damon and Elena, but tonight, they're all back with new episodes of the hit CW show at 8 pm! In "Bloodlines," Elena takes a road trip with Damon, and starts to see a different side to him. Meanwhile, Stefan reaches out to Elena's BFF Bonnie, encouraging her to embrace her magical powers. (See the episode's trailer after the jump!)

What else can we expect this season? "We're definitely gonna explore Katherine and the love triangle between Damon and Stefan back in 1864," VD star Nina Dobrev tells TWIST exclusively. "We'll definitely see that in the future." Awesome -- we love the flashbacks and relationship drama!

Tell us, TWIST girls, which vamp brother do you love more: Damon or Stefan? Make your pick in the comments!

Hugs, Kourt

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of The CW

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