Exclusive Video: The Guys of Forever In Your Mind Share What Their Personal Theme Songs Would Be

2016 11 15 16 55 45


Do you know who sings the theme song for Disney Channel's Best Friends Whenever? If you are a super fan of the series or the band Forever In Your Mind, you likely know that Ricky Garcia, Emery Kelly, and Liam Attridge are the ones who perform the catchy track.

But what you may not know about their musical history is what the guys' individual theme songs would be if they had personal jams recorded to play behind them as they entered the room. When the band visited TWIST's New York City offices, we asked them not only what it's like hearing their tunes on television, but what kind of jingles they would assign themselves if they had their own themes.

Check out the TWIST-exclusive video below to have the guys explain everything to you themselves, and let us know what you think of their picks by leaving us a comment.

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