TV Debuts: What to Expect from the Dolan Twins Cameo on 'Famous In Love'

The dolan twins on famous in love

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If you are as huge of a fan of the Dolan Twins as we are over here at TWIST, then you already know the boys are super close to making their television debuts. Ethan and Grayson are set to appear in the brand new Freeform series Famous In Love – which stars Bella Thorne, Keith Powers, Carter Jenkins, Charlie DePew, and many more stars that you are about to seriously fall in love with.

Now it's possible that you could have already binged the entire season of the drama, as it is available on Hulu and However, you haven't yet seen the Dolan Twins' episode if you're watching it week after week. Since we know you're just as pumped for their guest-starring roles as we are, here is everything you need to know about their upcoming appearance on the teen drama.

When does the Dolan Twins' episode of Famous In Love air?

Ethan and Grayson are in the third episode of Season 1 of Famous In Love. Originally, the episode was titled "Taking Care of Business" – but now it's listed as "Not So Easy A." The episode officially airs at 9 PM on Tuesday, May 2 on Freeform.

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What roles are the Dolan Twins playing in Famous In Love?

Ethan and Grayson play themselves on the show.

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Are Ethan and Grayson Dolan series regulars on the show?

Nope! The web star cuties only make a quick cameo in this one particular episode.

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How do Ethan and Grayson fit into the episode?

In the episode, Bella Thorne's character Paige Townsen and her friends are sitting around a table at a restaurant when the Dolans walk in and chat it up with their manager. Casual.

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