Just Gettin' Started: 'Stuck in the Middle' Is Getting a New Disney Channel Original Movie

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Stuck in the Middle co-stars Jenna Ortega and Kayla Maisonet just made a very exciting (oh, and super unexpected) announcement about their beloved Disney Channel show. The besties took to Instagram to reveal the future of Stuck in the Middle, and let's just say if you're someone who seriously can't wait for summertime, you will be pleased to find out that (thanks to SITM) you don't actually have to wait much longer for some fun in the sun – well, kinda.

The on-screen siblings, who happened to double as IRL besties, announced that the show will be returning for a brand new second season in February. But that's not all – their movie Stuck in the Waterpark* will also be airing next month.

"We just wanted to remind you guys that Stuck in the Middle Season 2 is premiering next month. It's gonna be super fun," Kayla said.

Jenna then chimed in with, "Stuck in the Waterpark movie!'"

"We are starting with a bang!" Kayla continued.

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"#StuckInTheMiddle #Season2 🎬 @kaymais," Jenna, who plays middle child Harley Diaz, captioned the short clip.

Yep, you heard that correctly! There is going to be a Stuck in the Middle movie! After the announcement, the co-stars were back for more very shortly after. Kayla followed up about an hour later with her very own Instagram video to promote the upcoming episodes.

"Quick message from @jennaortega & I.. #SEASONTWO #NotPlayinGamess #StuckInTheMiddle @disneychannel @disneychannelpr," Kayla wrote alongside her video message.

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She began, "Hi guys, it's Kayla and Jenna – and we are reminding you that Stuck in the Middle comes out next month, and we are not playing games," Kayla announced to her Instagram followers.

Ugh, we can barely contain our excitement. While Jenna and Kayla seem beyond thrilled for their new season and movie to premiere, we just might have them beat in the excitement category. But seriously, can it be February already?


Are you looking forward to seeing Stuck in the Middle Season 2 and Stuck in the Waterpark? Let us know in the comments below!

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