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A new month is upon us, and that means it's time for the fourth online edition of our popular monthly celeb feature, The TWIST List! This April 2017, we're putting the spotlight on Sofia Wylie, who is currently making a huge debut as the character Buffy in the brand new Disney Channel series, Andi Mack. TWIST caught up with the 13-year-old actress and dancer and had her dish all about the show, what it's like starting out her career on some fast-growing fan-favorite projects, and how she hopes to become a role model for future generations.

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Sofia grew up watching Disney Channel and Nickelodeon shows – and now she's acting on them. From guest-starring on Nick's hit show Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn to now starring as a regular on the Disney phenomenon Andi Mack, Sofia is getting a taste of what it's really like to appear on two of the biggest kids' networks – and she shares that the experience and opportunities have just been amazing.

"This is just so amazing for all of us," Sofia tells us about her Andi Mack cast's experience with the show premiering this month. "I'm so honored to have such a great cast."

Fans are already loving seeing her character Buffy's dynamic with her friend group of Andi and Cyrus, played by her co-stars Peyton Elizabeth Lee and Joshua Rush. Their friendship feels authentic, the problems they face are real, and their characters are just relatable to teens.

Sofia admits that she's actually a lot like Buffy IRL – and is constantly inspired by her.

"We both love fashion, of course!" she spills. "She has probably the best style I've ever seen. I wish I could just take all of her clothes from the wardrobe. She's like girly with a hint of sporty, and I've tried to bring that into my wardrobe as well."

Sofia's acting and real-life role models also come from her early childhood days watching some of her favorite shows. She tells us that actress Zendaya has been her inspiration since Disney's Shake It Up.

"She started off with Disney and she's just completely grown. She's a fashion icon, and she's going into movies now," she says. "She's just so amazing and beautiful and I've always loved her ever since she started on Shake It Up. Hopefully that's how my career goes, in the same direction."

"To think that I could be an idol for young girls? Because I've been watching Disney for as long as I can remember and I have always looked up to all the other stars who have now gone on to other things. And to think that younger kids than me could think of me that way? It's so amazing, and I'm so honored to have that responsibility."

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So what's Sofia's advice for all those viewers out there who are inspired by Buffy and want to channel a little bit of her attitude?

"You should be confident in yourself. I have to remind myself to always be confident, because when you're confident, everyone else can see that, and then they believe in you," Sofia shares. "When you're not confident, that's the first thing they see. Being confident in yourself and believing in yourself and just being yourself and not hiding who you are and trying to change it is best."

Honestly, how incredible is that?

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