OMG: Skai Jackson's Viral Meme Gets an Epic Makeover

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Skai Jackson inadvertently caused quite the stir awhile back when a photo taken of her posing on a couch got turned into a hilarious meme and went viral. The red wall, beige chair, blue dress, and slightly-judgy smile featured in the BUNK'D actress' "petty meme" photo are probably ingrained in your memory forever, but we bet you'll never see it quite the same way again when you experience the creative way it was artfully reimagined.

Makeup artist Lexus Marie Perez has now created a little social media meme of her own, inspired by Skai. It all started when she painted Skai's Internet-infamous photo scene on her eyelid with her eyeshadow and eyeliner, and tweeted it out along with a fun joke.

This epic makeover caught Skai's eye, and she tweeted out the photos herself to say how much she loves it.

In case you were wondering how this whole meme situation first began, Skai revealed that it was totally unintended, and is just as much of a mystery to her as it is to all of us.

"I was getting ready to go on Good Day New York, and it was really early there. Like 6 AM, which is really 3 AM LA time," she explained about the photo in an interview. "So I was just sitting down, preparing, falling asleep a little bit. And my hairstylist kind of just snapped the picture of me. I wasn't really in tune or know what was going on, and that's when the memes started happening."


BRB, copying this new eyeshadow look for prom though.

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