Exclusive: Will Jay Talks 2016 in Music & Shares a Mash-Up Of His Favorite Songs

Will jay


Singer/songwriter Will Jay is getting ready to ring in the New Year, but before that happens, he shared one of his signature mash-ups on his YouTube channel and we are obsessed!

TWIST had the chance to chat with Will Jay about his latest video, and we just had to find out how he chooses the songs for his mash-up. He said, "I base what songs I pick for the mash-up on the biggest hits of this year; I'll look up a list of all of the songs that went Top 10 on Billboard and write them all down. Then, I listen to them all and try to figure out what songs have similar tempos and start putting them together." How cool is that!

Will also revealed that even though the mash-ups are fun, they can also be difficult to create. He revealed, "Making this mash-up and fitting the songs together really feels like puzzle pieces. It's a lot of fun for me trying to find creative ways to mix the songs together and have two songs playing at the same time. My personal favorite combo that I did this year was "Stressed Out and "I hate you, I love you."

Lastly, we asked the talented musician what his favorite songs of 2016 were. He said, "My favorites that I included were all of the Twenty One Pilots songs, particularly "Heathens." I also really loved "Work From Home." My favorite song that I didn't include would have to be "Formation." I tried really hard to fit it in but I just couldn't find a way. Sorry, Beyonce!"

Check out Will Jay's incredible 2016 mash-up below, and let us know what your favorite song of the year was in the comments section.

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