"Send it On" with Miley, Demi, Selena and the JB!


What's up, TWIST girls?

You may remember that Niley's recent reunion happened on the set of a new Disney music video. The song from that video, which also features Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and the other two Jonas Brothers, is called "Send it On" and it's premiering tomorrow on Radio Disney!

If you love the tune, and we're sure you will, you can buy it on iTunes on Tuesday - all of the proceeds will go to environmental charities! Also, catch the "Send it On" music video Friday, August 14th on Disney. TWIST was on set, and we promise you it's going to be awesome! As well, a special behind-the-scenes feature will air Friday, August 28th right after the Wizards: The Movie premiere. Maybe we'll see some Niley sparks firsthand? You know we'll be watching closely!

"Send it On" was recorded to raise awareness for Disney's "Friends for Change: Project Green" campaign. More than 350,000 fans like you have signed up on Disney.com promising to be more environmentally friendly in your everyday lives!

Let's discuss: What change can you make in your life to help the environment? TWIST wants to hear your ideas, so tell us in the comments!

<3 Intern Jyll

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Disney

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