We're Sobbing: Sarah Gilman Announces the End of 'I Didn't Do It' with an Emotional Tribute

Sarah gilman iddi finale

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We're sobbing, sobbing, sobbing. Actress Sarah Gilman announced on Instagram that tonight's Season 2 finale of I Didn't Do It will in fact be the series finale, and we're getting all emotional over it. As if it weren't sad enough to have the show ripped away from us, Sarah's touching Instagram tribute to the show and her co-stars has us in tears.

Three years ago I walked into an audition for "Delia, 14, bubbly, odd-ball, hipster..."not knowing it would change my life," Sarah shared. "I've danced with goats, been sprayed with fake spaghetti sauce, yelled at a giant pumpkin till I lost my voice, licked my foot, licked Peyton's hand, smashed cake on Pipes, played puppets with Liv, gone to New York with Austin (kind of)... The memories never end. But the show had to at some point. Which brings us here, to the end of the line. I wouldn't trade the last three years for anything or anyone. Thank you guys for reading this post and for watching. Tune in to the Series Finale at 9pm: the Rescuers.

Baroom Slingtang,

Sarah 'Delia Delfano' Gilman

PS. I did do it. It was me all along.

Her last line is tugging at our heartstrings. We feel like we've really become friends with the cast of characters through watching the show, and they'll all have a place in our memories.

Are you as devastated as we are that IDDI is ending? Leave your reactions in the comments section below.

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