???: Rowan Blanchard Shares the Most Bizarre Question She & Sabrina Carpenter Were Asked on the Red Carpet

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Fans of Rowan Blanchard will know that the actress would much rather open up a conversation about the happenings of the world and share her thoughts on a current events issue than stress over frivolous topics. But she admits that she is constantly being reminded that adults don't always respect that she has interesting and intelligent things to say.

In fact, in a new interview with Nylon, Rowan shared an example of a question she received when she walked a red carpet with her Girl Meets World co-star Sabrina Carpenter that still sticks with her.

Rowan explained that one reporter asked the girls if they were boy-crazy, and when they both answered "no," he followed up by asking which girl was more boy-crazy than the other. The actresses found this so frustrating, especially since they felt like they were being underestimated and had so many other more important conversation topics to offer.

That being said, Rowan has expressed that she doesn't think all celebrities necessarily need to use their platforms to speak out on big issues the way that she does – although she sometimes can't understand why they wouldn't feel compelled to.

"There’s a part of me that was getting incredibly frustrated, like, ‘How is anyone not talking? How are you not commenting?’” she shared, referencing events having to do with last year's US election. "Specifically with celebrities that have so much power, I’m like, Maybe you wanna do something with that. But I’m not super-duper concerned with Taylor Swift as much as I am getting young girls to identify with [politics] for themselves."

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