Exclusive: Raquel Castro Dishes On Working On 'Liv & Maddie' + How Supportive the Cast Is

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Raquel Castro is such a busy bee: the star is currently working on the TV series, Empire, and she just released her new single, "Young and Dumb." But when she stopped by the TWIST offices, we got her to dish on playing one of her most fun and memorable characters, Liv & Maddie's South Salamanca!

"My character was so over-the-top, and kind of annoying in a way, but so fun and far from what I normally am. I'm very bubbly, but I loved playing her," Raquel dishes. "She was just a crazy diva."

As fun as that role was, she was nothing like how Raquel is in real life โ€“ and that's totally fine with her!

"I'd rather play somebody that's nothing like me," the actress tells us. "Sometimes when you play something that's super close to you, it's like, 'okay, how do I differentiate Raquel from whatever character I'm playing?' I'd rather be all that character. So when I did Liv & Maddie, I felt myself going up to [her high energy level] and staying up there. In between takes, I felt like I had to keep that energy going, because if I didn't I wouldn't be able to get back."

In between all of the fun and silliness on set, Raquel says she grew close to her castmates!

"They're so great. Dove [Cameron] is such a sweetheart, and Ryan [McCartan], who she's dating in real life."

South Salamanca

"[Dove] actually just helped me promote my song, she sent out a tweet," Raquel shares. "It's good to have people that you work with that not only are you cool on set, but off-set, and for other projects. It means a lot to me that they still support me, it really shows you who is real and who is there. [Plus], they just came out with their band, The Girl and the Dreamcatcher. I remember when they were telling me they were coming out with the video. I'm so excited for them, they're so sweet. They're such cute, quirky people and I love them."

We had to ask if the former co-stars would ever do a musical collaboration, and Raquel ha the best response. "Hey, you never know, we could do a collaboration if South Salamanca ever comes back..." she said. "We've gotta call the producers and make that happen. Liv and South Salamanca can collaborate, since I played her best friend."

We can't even deal with how much we love that idea.

What do you think of Raquel's Liv & Maddie memories? Would you love to see these musical collabs? Let us know your thoughts and ideas below!

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