Q&A with Hannah Montana's Emily Osment!


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Hannah Montana: The Movie comes out on DVD today. To celebrate, TWIST has ten copies to give away - click here to enter! Plus, check out our cool Q&A with Hannah Montana star Emily Osment!

TWIST: What was the biggest laugh that you had on set while filming? Emily: The best laughs were probably when I was in Miley's bedroom and we were fighting over the wig. It was funny because Miley and I both fell over and they actually ended up using it in the film!

TWIST: Oh how fun! Now in the movie your character gets upset when Miley lets her down. Have you ever had something similar happen in your own life? Emily: Yeah, everybody can be let down by a friend at some point. I just talk things through with my friends and we work it out. Honesty is the biggest thing.

TWIST: Are there any spoilers you can tell us about this season of Hannah Montana? Emily: We actually have some really cool guest stars coming up in future episodes so watch out for those!

TWIST: We will! So when you're not filming, how do you and Miley stay in touch? Do you hang out? Emily: We talk on the phone. We're really good friends and we hang out as much as we can. We like to stay in and watch movies!

TWIST wants to know: What's your fave scene from the Hannah Montana movie? Tell us in the comments!

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