Exclusive: Peyton List Shares If She'd Ever Dye Her Hair Pink + Dishes On the 'BUNK'D' Wardrobe

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If you've been a fan of Peyton List since her early days on Disney Channel's Jessie, you've likely watched her character Emma's costumes and sense of style grow and evolve with her. In real life, Peyton's fashion sense has really taken us all by storm. When TWIST recently caught up with the star, we asked her about her boldest fashion statements, her new BUNK'D wardrobe, and more. Check out our exclusive Q&A below.

TWIST: So, would you ever do pink hair IRL like in the wig pic we saw you post on Instagram a while back?

Peyton List: Of course! I’d probably do just the bottom half, not the huge fros on the top, but I love pink hair.

Peyton List Hair

I have wanted to dye my hair pink or purple for so long. But I’m still on the show [BUNK'D] and with filming and in-between I can’t do it. I actually sprayed my hair pink recently, I bought this spray to put in color, but it washed out. The whole water was just pink. But I loved the look of it.

Peyton List Pink Hair

TWIST: Is it hard to keep your personal look stable for filming, especially when you are off and not working?

PL: I think sometimes. I mean, I know there are other co-stars that we’ve had that they’ve had tattoos that needed to be airbrushed and covered up, and piercings, and all that. Luckily I haven’t wanted to get anything like that, If I wanted to get a nose piercing or belly button piercing, I feel like they’d just have to suck it up, but I haven’t wanted to!

TWIST: How do you feel your character Emma’s style has developed over the years as you’ve grown up and she’s grown up?

PL: She’s... it’s funny. Our style has kind of evolved together. It’s nice because they [costume department] take a lot of our input as well, so if I don’t like something they definitely won’t use it. I kind of go into the racks and pick my own outfits. But Jessica and the whole wardrobe department are amazing. But now that I’m at summer camp on Bunk'd, it’s a lot more casual. I actually love it, because it’s my 6th year of the show and I am READY for some casual clothes. And like comfy clothes!

TWIST: Have you ever picked up any beauty or styling tips on set?

PL: It's insane, especially with makeup. I didn't know how to do my makeup when I first started, and I've learned so much. Even how to take care of my brows, [or the] different lotions to use for pimples and taking care of your skin, it's nice.

It's like I have a bunch of moms around just helping me.

Peyton List Outfits

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