The Truth Revealed: Perrie Edwards Documents Her Hair & Makeup Process With the Best Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Perrie edwards


Perrie Edwards is always showing off her mega glam looks with her stunning selfies but this time, the Little Mix singer took it one step further and documented the exact process of her getting her hair and makeup done for a performance on X Factor Australia with her band, all in selfies of course.

It all began with a pic showing off her natural, curly hair, letting us know she was about to start getting her hair and makeup ready for the show.

Perrie Edwards Natural Hair

Next came a pic of the singer mid hair and makeup, where we see she was already sporting some red lipstick and striking a silly pose as her hair was being transformed.

Perrie Edwards Makeup

Then, it was some last minute touch-ups.

Perrie Edwards Hairspray

And voila, the big reveal! Perrie's look was simply flawless: her locks were styled in loose waves, perfectly winged eyeliner that really stood out against her curled eyelashes and that classic red lip color is a solid choice you can never go wrong with.

Perrie Edwards Hair And Makeup Done

Let us not forget to mention how strong girl's brow game was too. Now we have seen what it takes for the "Love Me Like You" singer to get ready to hit the stage and with end results as fierce as this, we really need to know more of her beauty secrets. Perhaps another tutorial is in the works?

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