Exclusive: Niki Koss Dishes On Her 'Famous In Love' Character

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Get ready for your new television obsession. The brand new Freeform series Famous In Love debuts tonight on the network, and we already know it's bound to be one of your favorites. Actress Niki Koss recently stopped by the TWIST offices to tell us all about the show and her own character, Alexis Gleen.

"I would say Alexis is very feisty," Niki tells us. "She is used to getting what she wants, and she knows how to get it. She's really glamorous, I'm always really excited to see what they're going to put her in, and what she's going to do next. And she's not afraid to say what she's thinking."

So is Niki like Alexis at all in real life?

"I do think I'm really similar to her, but more in like that she's my high school alter ego," Niki shares. "She's kind of like everything I wanted to be in high school. I think I'm a nicer, weirder version of her in real life."

Check out the video above to see more from our interview with Niki and hear her tell you even more about the series. Keep an eye out for more Famous In Love videos coming soon to TwistMagazine.com.

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