New Music: Karmin's single "Crash Your Party" Comes Out Today!


Hey TWIST readers,

The hilarious and talented musical duo Amy and Nick of Karmin came by the TWIST office yesterday for a pizza party, performance and to dish on their new single, "Crash Your Party," which was just released today! Check out our convo below:

TWIST: You guys have had over 140 million hits on YouTube. How did you become such a YouTube sensation? Can you give some tips? Nick: You have to put the time into it and practice. Don't try to do it like anyone else. Amy: You have to be different. And we didn't become famous overnight. It took us a whole year of posting new videos every single week and our YouTube subscribers would just keep coming back for more.

TWIST: When you're getting so many hits on YouTube, obviously not all of the comments are going to be positive. How did you deal with being criticized? Amy: Completely ignore them. Nick: Usually the first time people see something, they hate it. But you're reaching out to new people, and that's the biggest thing. Usually after they hear it enough, they'll like it.

TWIST: Were you ever teased at all growing up? Amy: I used to be the girl in school who did her hair in weird ways and wore cowboy boots to school, which was not cool in Nebraska. I mostly got made fun of for fashion choices. But it's good to go through as long as you have good family and friends to support you. Nick: Whenever you're different in high school, that's awesome. Amy: Yeah. You usually end up very successful.

TWIST: So tell me about the evolution of your single, "Crash Your Party." Who wrote it and how did it all come together? Nick: We co-wrote it with Kelly Sheehan and Heather Bright. They also did "Cheers (Drink to That)" by Rihanna. Amy: We grabbed a hip-hop track from the '90s and used it in the song, so it's a good way to segue into our new songs, since we started by doing covers.

TWIST: Are the rest of your songs just as upbeat? Amy: They're all super happy. There's no sad songs on this album.

Be sure to check out Karmin's single out today! Watch the YouTube video of it right here:

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