You Go Girl: Madison Beer Responds to Haters After Her Period Leaks on the Beach

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Every girl who has ever had a period knows the struggle: no matter how perfectly you've mapped out your cycle, there's always that one moment where it catches you off-guard and unprepared! Then, even when you're ready and have an extra supply of tampons on hand for emergencies, there are still those annoying leaks to deal with.

Enter into this story: Madison Beer. The singer was recently photographed hitting the beach for a fun day with her boyfriend Jack Gilinsky, and fans posted the photos to show that while she was in the ocean, her period had actually leaked on her white bikini. There are two possible reactions she could have had to this: shrink away embarrassed and mortified, or shrug it off because, hey, what's the big deal? Sure, it's unfortunate: but it's just a thing that happens!

So she commented back. Fan accounts grabbed screenshots of Madison's Instagram comments, where she responded about why this should not be a big deal.

"Like yes, I have my period. Sometimes blood goes thru the tampons. I am human :) lol," Madison's comments read all together. If you can even believe it, she also commented again to defend herself from haters who said she did this all for attention.

We're really proud of Madison for not only standing up for herself when photos intending to shame her went around, but doing her part to chip away at the stigma that surrounds periods. There's nothing gross or weird about having a period, and we're loving the comments other fans have had to say in response to this story.

Now that's how you inspire some girl power!

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