New Beginnings: Does Laura Marano's Short Haircut Signal a Change In Her Music Career?

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Laura Marano surprised fans everywhere when she attended the 2017 Kids Choice Awards and showed up with her signature, long brown locks gone, instead rocking a short, choppy hairstyle. Laura's bold new vibe was shocking in a good way, since it's the first time the starlet has made such a dramatic change to her style. So how did she really feel to say goodbye to her Rapunzel-esque tresses? It turns out, she got rather sad about it all!

A fan asked Laura on Twitter about how she felt making the bug change and the "Boombox" songstress admitted she was super nervous about the whole process.

Hair is literally an extension of who you are, so it's totally understandable why Laura had such strong feelings about the haircut, but she looks as fabulous as ever, so she for sure made the right choice. Anytime a person makes a drastic change to their look, it usually means he or she is about to usher in a new phase of their life, and it looks like that's exactly what's going on with Laura. Since she released her single "Boombox" one year ago and the follow-up single "La La" without an album attached to these songs, fans had been wondering when she was going to drop some new tunes. As it turns out, it appears the Austin & Ally actress has possible signed with a new record label, hence the lack of new music.

Although she doesn't quite know exactly when she'll be able to release the music she's created, she assures fans things are in motion to get her songs out there eventually.

So maybe this new 'do was Laura's way of letting everyone know she really is about to take on the music world, her own way. And changing up her hair was the first step in a whole new direction. That is something to be proud about and if Laura's makeover is a signal of what's to come for her musically, then her fans are for sure in for a wild ride.


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