Laura Marano's Guide to a Perfect Homecoming

Laura marano homecoming style


Homecoming season is upon us! To ensure your night goes as great as possible, we chatted with someone who knows a thing or two about getting ready for fancy events: Laura Marano. The Trick-Or-Treat for UNICEF ambassador recently revealed to us her top three tips to ensure your big school dance is perfect. Find out what she told us below:

1. Be confident: "I think the most important tip is to wear what you feel comfortable in. If it's not 'in' — like the current trend or style — but you still love it, you should 100 percent wear it," Laura tells Twist. "I think if you love a dress and you feel comfortable in it, then that's the dress for you."

2. Consider your dress' length: "I think homecoming and winter formal dances [call for] shorter dresses. Prom is a big long dress scenario," the Austin & Ally star explains. "At the same time, if you're like me and love to dance at parties, you want to make sure the length is appropriate. There's nothing like having a super-short dress and being uncomfortable all night in it — that's actually the worst thing ever. So even though homecoming dresses are fun and short, make sure you feel comfortable with the length."

3. Have fun dressing up: "My school has a certain homecoming theme, and I think you can always have fun with a theme," Laura says. "For freshman year we had H2-Homecoming — it was a water theme. I wore a Betsy Johnson dress that reminded me of a mermaid. I thought it was awesome because it kind of went with the theme."

Are you going to homecoming or a big school dance soon? If so, what are you wearing?

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