Kevin Talks Wedding: "I'm def into the planning!"


Hey TWIST girls!

We're coming at ya with another Kevin/Danielle wedding update! Kev dished about being involved in the planning process with his future bride, and Joe spilled on Kevin's bachelor party!

Kevin on finalizing wedding details: "I'm definitely into the planning process, a lot of guys you know are like just go ahead take it all but no, I definitely want to be a part of all of it, as much as I can of course. It's fun and brings us together and we get to make a lot of decisions together."

Joe on the bachelor party: "...Kevin keeps trying to plan his own bachelor party and that's not going to happen. Me and Nick are like, 'We are not going to let that happen!' So we are going to figure out the right place and have fun and it's going to be a good time. He wants to do golfing but that just seems a little too normal. We have to do something outrageous and fun. Something crazy."

Tell TWIST, who do you imagine will be on the guest list for Kev and Danielle's wedding?

<3, Kourt

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