Exclusive: Keke Palmer Inspires Us to Find the Best Workout Routine

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Courtesy of Playtex Sport

It might be daunting to even think about starting a workout routine if you're not a fan of hitting the gym, but getting active doesn't need to be a hugely scary thing. When we caught up with the fitness-savvy Keke Palmer at a Playtex Sport trampoline gym sesh at Body By Simone, she shared exactly how you can work up to a workout schedule that fits you.

"You can always start slowly and start building," Keke told TWIST exclusively. "Yoga, pilates, some stretching and flexibility stuff [are great] – and then slowly work your way to cardio."

For Keke, finding a fitness program that she could stick to was a process. "It's been an ongoing journey since I was about like 17 or 18," the Scream Queens actress said. "Making it a part of my lifestyle instead of something that I'm just doing, I have to be honest, it wasn't a quick thing. It's important for someone just starting out not to put too much pressure on themselves."

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"When you are working out, it's important to put your all into that moment, that workout," she said. "That's all you can really do. Then what you want, the great body or the fulfillment in fitness, will happen naturally because you're consistent."

Need help finding the routine that's right for you? "With Playtex Sport and their Fit to Play program, they actually have a quiz on their site where you can fill out a little questionaire that will help you discover what activity may be good for you," she advised. How cool!

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