In Her Own Words: Karlie Kloss Apologizes for Being Part of a Culturally Insensitive Photo Shoot

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Fans usually love the glamorous high-fashion photo shoots that model Karlie Kloss is featured in, but her latest sparked some major controversy. The star was featured in Vogue magazine's March 2017 issue wearing a geisha outfit and Shimada-styled nihongami wig in a Japanese-themed editorial shoot, and many social media users called her out for appropriating a culture that is not her own.

While many fans were upset to see a white woman cast in an Asian-themed shoot, others pointed out the unfortunate irony that this photo shoot was supposed to be a part of the publication's "diversity issue."

Karlie took to Twitter to share an apology for the images. Though she says the photo shoot idea wasn't hers, she explained that her goal is always to inspire women and so she will be more careful with selecting her future projects.

Fans shared a variety of reactions on social media after Karlie issued her statement. While some Twitter users were glad to see the model using her voice, others were upset she was apologizing for a decision that ultimately wasn't hers.

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