Exclusive: Jenn McAllister Dishes On 'Foursome' Season 2

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Chances are, you're already hooked on the AwesomenessTV series Foursome, and now that the series is back for its second season, the drama is getting even crazier. When TWIST recently caught up with actress Jenn McAllister, we had her dish all about the new season of the show, new cast members and all! Check out our exclusive Q&A below.

TWIST: So Season 2 is already off to a crazy start!

Jenn McAllister: I feel like the whole show took a big step up [this season] and there is a lot more drama, a lot more story-lines going on with all the characters. There is a new character, a new student in school. She’s a transfer student who Andie takes a look at and is really interested in.

TWIST: Andie and Alec aren’t really ever on the best of terms, what can viewers expect to see from their relationship?

JM: This season, Andie is trying to be a new person. It’s a new semester and she wants to be new-and-improved and she doesn’t want her brother to stand in the way of her life. You can expect some kind of drama relating to that this season.

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TWIST: Readers are really excited that Rahart Adams joined the cast as Kent, how has he fit in with the cast?

JM: Our cast mates are super big personalities and we all got along so well in the first season. We became super, super close. Having a new cast member this season, we were all like, “Oh my god, what’s he gonna be like? Is he going to fit in with us (because we’re all insane)?” But he fit in so well. He’s just another one of us and he’s such a great guy. He’s one of my favorite people! So it was really, really good working with him this season.

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TWIST: Do you have any fun stories about your cast mates?

JM: Last year we got to go out a lot; this year we were working so much. We were all exhausted. But we had pods this year, which was a really cool thing for us. We each had our own little—they were basically like rooms, they’re not like trailers—so we each had our own room. And so it was kind of like a cool hang-out spot. We’d always hang out during lunch in them and usually order lunch from different places. I would eat Chik-Fil-A a lot on set, which is probably not that good for me, but it still happened. But yeah, a lot of shenanigans on set.

TWIST: What’s a flaw of Andie’s that you wish you could change or hope she’ll learn from this season?

JM: I think in the beginning of this season, Andie gets very overconfident, so I think that was a little bit of a flaw in her character. But we’ll see how she deals with it in the rest of the season.

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