New Ink: Jake Miller Takes Simone Biles to Get Her First Tattoo

Jake miller simone biles


If you are a fan of Simone Biles and Jake Miller, then you know they are the best of friends. We knew they were super close when Simone starred as Jake's love interest in his "Overnight" music video, but now their friendship just went to a whole new level. Jake took Simone to get her very first tattoo. How cool is that?

The best buds took to Body Electric Tattoo Shop in West Hollywood, California for Simone's ink. Naturally, Jake took to Snapchat to document the whole thing – from Simone sitting in the tattoo chair to calling her parents after the act.

Simone Biles Jake Miller tattoo snapchat

"I think she's more nervous for this than she was for the Olympics," Jake wrote on his Snapchat story. "Her parents are yelling at her," he said while recoding Simone talking to her parents on the phone.

Jake also took to Instagram to share a photo of the final product, which consists of the Olympic rings logo on her forearm.

Simone Biles Jake Miller

"Took @simonebiles to get her first tattoo last night πŸ™ˆ I think she was more nervous than she was at the olympics lol," Jake captioned the photo, which shows the friends flaunting off their tattoos.

Jake is no stranger to forearm tattoo. In fact, his very first tattoo that he got was in a similar spot. While Simone's body art is placed on her outer forearm, Jake's music-inspired design is located on his inner arm. Best friends think alike!

Simone also took to Instagram to share a photo album of her new ink.

Simone Biles tattoo

"first tat πŸ˜‡ never too late to get the rings tatted πŸ€™πŸΎ thanks for taking me neighbor ☺️ @jakemiller," she wrote alongside the photos.

Turns out, Jake and Simone just recently became neighbors. In fact, the bestie duo posted the same photo to each of their Instagram accounts to share the news.

"Look who just moved in next door 😍," Jake wrote.

jake miller simones biles

Simone posted the same photo with the caption, "neighbors πŸ‘Ώ."

Too cute! These two are literally attached at the hip. We can't help but wonder what kind of adventure they're going to get themselves into next. Only time will tell!


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