New Ink: Jake Miller Gets a Meaningful Tattoo

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New tattoo alert! Jake Miller just got some fresh ink, and he documented the whole process of getting tattooed on social media so that his fans could follow along on his exciting journey. Not only is the design visually sleek, but the meaning behind it is also very relevant to his biggest passion in life. Yep, that's right – music!

In a short video, the "Overnight" singer brought his fans along for the ride. It was a pretty special moment, given the fact that this was his very first tattoo.

"Finally got tatted tonight... through all the craziness, this will always remind me to pause and remember what's truly important #12," he wrote alongside the video.

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Jake looks totally cool, calm and collected in the video while braving the needle. However, he revealed just how much it hurt in his Instagram caption.

"Finally got tatted tonight... wanted to get the buttons of an iPod to symbolize my love for music. But more importantly, it's paused on 0:12 because it's a number thats always meant a lot to me and my family. Through all the craziness, this will always remind me to pause and remember what's truly important. Momma I promise this is my first and last. That s*** hurt like a b**** lol," he wrote alongside the video.

Jake Miller tattoo

We love how Jake dedicated his first and only tattoo to his deep love of music. Not to mention, he did it in the most creative way. Even the number that the song is paused on is meaningful to him.

Jake Miller tattoo tweet

Due to the fact that the Miller family went on vacation pretty much immediately following Jake's tattoo appointment, the singer had to take extra care of his new ink. He couldn't let his tattoo see the sun or get wet in the ocean, so he wrapped it up in bandages while in chilling in paradise.

Jake Miller tattoo

We must say, this body art adds the perfect touch of edginess to his rock hard bod.

For those of you who are planning on attending The Overnight Tour, which beings in February, you and Jake can be tattoo twinsies on the night of the show. Don't worry, it doesn't involve anything permanent. Jake took to Twitter to announce that temporary versions of his tattoo will be sold at the merch tables at each show.

Jake Miller tattoo tweet

So cool! We love that Jake let us into this memorable event in his life, and we can't wait to catch a glimpse of the tattoo while he's rocking out on stage.

What do you think of Jake's new tattoo? Let us know in the comments below!

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