New 'Do: Jace Norman Debuts a Short Haircut, Shaved Eyebrow & the Beginnings of a Mustache

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Jace Norman has been a shaggy haired kid for as long as we can remember, but he just debuted a brand new look. The Henry Danger and Rufus actor traded in his long hair for a shorter 'do, and fans simply cannot get over it. Jace first took to his Snapchat story yesterday to let fans know what changes he would be making to his locks.

jace norman instagram story

"It's all coming off," Jace teased on his story.

OK – so it didn't all come off, but he definitely cut off a decent amount.

"So we got it all long on the top, a little short on the side, and then we're going to do a slit right there," the actor said, pointing to his brow.

He then proudly posted the final look, which seriously makes us think he has grown up overnight.

jace norman hair instagram

"Off brand," Jace captioned the photo, admitting that it is very unlike him to part with his long locks.

Fans aren't just going nuts about his haircut though. Those who know him well couldn't help but notice that the actor also appears to be in the very beginning stages of growing a mustache. Look closely.

Jace Norman mustache

"I love it," Jace tweeted back at a fan who pointed out the stache via meme.

Do do we, Jace, so do we. Tbh, fans are really starting to see the Nickelodeon star as more of a hottie than a cutie nowadays. Just last week, Jace showed off his abs in a shirtless photo he posted to Instagram, and hearts everywhere instantly melted at the sight of his bod.

If one thing's for sure, it's that Jace is looking v mature. It's almost like he's transforming into a totally new guy, and we cannot wait to see what new looks he surprises us with next.


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