It's All Over: Breaking Dawn Officially Wraps Filming!


Hey Twist Girls,

The cast of Breaking Dawn was seen all over airports this weekend because the final Twilight flick has finished filming. The good news is fans still have two more movies to look forward to from the Cullen's and the wolves. The first movie will be in theaters in November and we're already counting down the days. One person who's upset by the filming being over is Rob! TWIST learned that he was playing around on his iPhone and accidentally deleted all his photos that he'd taken on set while filming all the movies. What a bummer!

What are you most excited to see in the final movies? Which cast member would you like to see in more movies? For more on the Twilight gang including Taylor Lautner spilling on his new GF, pick up the April issue of TWIST, on stands now!

Xoxo, Intern Katie

Photo courtesy of Summit

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